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Portfolio Images  BiLogicBen Eddy : I just received my jersey and I must say I like it a lot. The material is just nice, not too thick or thin. It is also not lycra but more like the coolmax type which gives it a much better quality look and feel.
If you are fit and slim, do not upsize! The sizing is accurate. If you have a little bit of tummy like me then it is ok to order 1 size bigger. I am going to get the small once I lose 2 inches off my waist.

Portfolio Images  BiLogicJane McKinlay : Very comfortable. I’m 175lbs and 6′ tall and I ordered a large and fits me perfect (not too loose and not to tight) but lets me move without any restrictions. Pockets are nice in the back. Worth the money. this is the first biking shirt I have ever purchased.

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